Whole Foods Goes All-American

20140701-141241-51161421.jpg You never know where you'll find inspiration and I certainly don't expect it at the grocery store, but Whole Foods Market had such a cute idea, I had to share it! Interspersed between flags, watermelons and 12-packs of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, the store is adorned with these darling wood pallets for the upcoming 4th of July weekend.

They're painted very simply like the American flag, then lightly sanded for a vintage appeal. They have a big impact and if you could scrounge up some free pallets from a local grocery or big box store, they'd cost next to nothing to make!

I'm definitely going to try the project for myself.

Wood pallet flag at Whole Foods

Wood pallet flag at Whole Foods

British Colonial Blues: Guest Bedroom Inspiration

20140618-054708-20828911.jpg I don't think there's a color combination I love more than classic blue and white.  Ralph Lauren adopted the scheme early and decades later, still hasn't turned back!

As Joe and I began to decorate our upstairs guest bedroom, I chose a British Colonial theme for the space.  I think the vintage, global and travel accents will coordinate perfectly with the safari-themed nursery next door, without being too "matchy matchy."

Grounded with blue walls, crisp white trim and our freshly refinished floors, I've added Ralph Lauren bedding, along with a table and bookcase from Home Decorators Collection that features warm wood tones and beautiful curved lines.

Now, it's time for the fun finishing touches!  Here are some inspiration photos I gathered online.  I'll post pics of our own finished space soon!




Dominique and Lee's Soiree en Blanc

Dominique and Lee's Engagement Party 11 We decided a couple years ago the perfect word to describe my dear friend Dominique is WHIMSICAL!  She is by far the most creative, free-spirited, fun-loving person I know.  Dominique and her equally amazing fiance, Lee, are getting hitched this year.  So, a group of her friends and family came together to plan a fitting celebration. When I asked Dom what type of theme she wanted, she requested everyone wear white and we play games in our favorite local park, Coliseum Square. Using shades of cream with gold, burlap and vintage touches, we put together an afternoon "soiree en blanc" with as much whimsy as we could possibly pack in!   We sipped champagne under the oak trees, gobbled down desserts and partied until the sun set.  It was utterly magical! Here are a few tips if you'd like to create a similar look:

  • Set the stage with a homemade pennant.  Cut out felt triangles, fold them over a long piece of twine and spell out your message with hot glue and ribbon.
  • Use vintage decor.  We set up champagne glasses in an old suitcase and piled food inside a large, round basket.
  • Create height with levels.  Candle holders elevated the flower arrangements.  Sometimes I put upside down casserole dishes under the tablecloth as another way to add height.
  • Keep your palette simple.  We stuck with shades of cream, brown and touches of peach.
  • Bring the inside out.  Half of the decorations were items I gathered around the house!  They look nicer than anything cheap you'd buy at the party store.
  • Remember, nothing has to match.  Eclectic is key when it comes to a rustic outdoor soiree.
  • Don't be afraid to ask guests for help.  We requested everyone bring a bottle of their favorite champagne to help cut down on costs.
  • Finally, let the planners get creative.  We had a rough idea of the overall plan, but everyone added their own unique touch from the burlap wreaths to the blinged-out rings.  Even Dom and Lee brought glitter-covered accessories to add to the mix!

Pillows! More and More and More!

Pretty pillows Since adding the amazing antique tile around the fireplaces in our living and dining rooms, some of our furniture and pillows haven't looked quite right.  I'm getting rid of the chairs anyway, but our pillows just had too much gold in them to work.

I found the most perfect Ikat print to tie in the cool blue of the fireplace tiles with the warm sage green on the curtains.  Coincidentally, when I got ready to start the new pillows, I had just finished up the nursery and those fabrics coordinated beautifully!  I love mixing subtle prints and I was able to use some of my nursery scraps to create a host of fluffy down pillows for the ugly chairs and our slipcovered couch.

Could I have stuck with the old throw pillows?  Probably.  But it's just not as fun!

A Place for Beau


Baby Beauregard finally has a place to call home.  This December, when I went into labor 7 weeks early, we were knee deep in nursery renovations.  The floors were unfinished.  The wainscoting was incomplete.  The furniture was in boxes.

Between trips to the NICU, late night feedings and diapers changes, we've managed to finally finish Beau's safari-inspired escape.  And I hope he loves it as much as we do!

Inspiration came from a Restoration Hardware photo I found online.  We purchased the basic furniture from RH, then mixed in an antique chair and luggage, whimsical lighting, a soft cotton rug, handmade wreath (my neighbor Whitney is a genius), plenty of cozy stuffed animals, along with custom draperies and linens (thanks, mom!).

I know that Joe, Beau and I will make countless special memories as we curl up in the leather chair, read books and sing songs for many happy years to come.