A very vintage Halloween

Ringmaster, trapeze artist, strongman and lion tamer There are few cities in America that rival New Orleans for Halloween.  From our above-ground cemeteries to the ominous live oaks draped in Spanish moss... centuries-old historic homes and dark, twisting bayous... the scenery is as spooky as it gets.

Add to that: a party paradise, real haunted houses and some of the best food in the country!

I've celebrated All Hallows' Eve with my childhood best friend for years now.  Liz and I have pulled off some pretty epic costumes through our various Halloweens, but this took the cake.

The inspiration came from a baby strongman I saw online.  I dressed as a trapeze artist, Joe stood tall as ringmaster, we added Liz as the lion tamer and my neighbors Whitney and Jonathan as mimes.  Of course, in New Orleans costuming tradition, we made everything ourselves.

The only thing missing... was the big top.