New Orleanians Paint the Town Red

Red Dress Run There's never a shortage of fun things to do in New Orleans... even in the height of our hot and humid summer!

This weekend, the French Quarter played host to an annual event called the Red Dress Run.  Man, woman and child all donned their fanciest red frocks to run for charity.  Inevitably, the revelry spills onto the streets (and into the bars).  Organizers expected 15,000 people at this year's event (although most of those folks are just watching, not running) and I heard rumors that as many as 25,000 took part!

Here are a few pictures and videos for your enjoyment.  They're sure to give you a whole new perspective on the Chris De Burgh classic, "Lady in Red!"

WGNO: Sights and Sounds From 2014 Red Dress Run




Don't Forget About Dad! Father's Day Gift Guide

Aidan Gill Shave

Father's Day is right around the corner (ahem... it's THIS Sunday), so you better get on that gift giving bandwagon... and fast!  Here are some fun options any Dad is sure to love, even if you're lacking in the creativity department.

Aidan Gill Shave  Aidan Gill for Men old-fashioned shave, $35


Timex for J Crew Vintage Field Army WatchTimex for J Crew Vintage Field Army Watch, $98

Spotify SubscriptionSpotify subscription, $10 per month

Yee Haw Pickles Sample PackYee Haw Pickles Sample Pack, $65

Smathers and Branson Needlepoint FlaskSmathers and Branson Needlepoint Flask, $65

Home Depot Gift CardHome Depot gift card, any amount

NOLA Couture Gator Bowtie  NOLA Couture Gator Bowtie, $55

Harry's Father Son Shave KitJ Crew Harry's Father and Son Shave Kit, $30

Costco High Sierra Hydration PackCostco High Sierra hydration pack, $38

Driftwood iPhone Dock Uncommon Goods Driftwood Log iPhone Dock, $72

Amazon Prime Amazon Prime subscription, $99 per year

Fashion Friday: Carnival Style

Mardi Gras Goes Rouge Carnival season has come and gone, but this year was one to remember!

I just downloaded all of my pictures and realized how lucky Beau, Joe and I really are.  Here in New Orleans, people aren't afraid to let their hair down, get gussied up and have a whole lot of fun.

So without further ado, here are a few of my favorite fashion finds from all along this year's Mardi Gras parade routes (including my own bubble bath-inspired getup)!


Embrace the Bump: Halloween as a Pregnant Lady

Last week, I had a realization.  This may be the only opportunity in my life to flaunt my big ol' belly on a holiday as awesome as Halloween! Dressing up through my college days generally involved something cute, but oh no... not this year.  I went straight for scandal.  My first thought was to have a bloody baby protruding out of my belly, but decided against gore this go-round.  Instead, I chose to be a pregnant prom queen, while Joey dressed as the naughty (and might I add, handcuffed) teacher, who knocked me up.  It was one of those costumes that not everyone "got" right away, but when they did, we got more than a few chuckles.

Thankfully, my fabulous friend Elsa embraced the gore with an incredible bloody baby get-up and another dear friend, Auburn, channeled her inner Simpson and absolutely nailed Homer!  Although, I think my favorite costume of the night may have been pregnant Buddha... and her husband... Jesus.

Creepy Surprise Behind Antique Painting

I bought an amazing frame at my favorite antique shop/hoarder's paradise a few months ago.  I probably spent more than I should, but it's HUGE and incredible!  I'm sure if I bought it at a fancy-pants shop in the French Quarter, it would have cost at least three times what I paid.  Inside the frame was a disturbing portrait of a brunette girl in a blue dress and pearls.  From day one, I swore I'd put something less-haunting in her place.  In the meantime, we had fun putting mustaches and sticky-note thought bubbles on mystery girl's face. I printed out my favorite wedding photo in a metallic sepia tone from mpix (an online photography lab) and ordered a custom white linen mat from Gordon's to fit the odd shape of the frame.  Apparently I'm a romantic when it comes to antiques, because I'd convinced myself there was some sort of treasure map or Confederate dubloon hidden in the back of the painting.  I was ecstatic when the day finally came to open that baby up!  I carefully cut away the crumbling paper and pried out the old rusty nails.

Then... slowly... I removed the backing... and THERE SHE WAS!  On the back of my disturbing portrait was a hidden painting!  Even more disturbing than the first!  I think the eerie woman just saw a ghost.  Her beady blue eyes haunt me in my dreams.  Joe and I are convinced she's going to burn down the house while we're sleeping.

However, with creepy ladies #1 and #2 now well-hidden in the corner of our dining room, I'm happy to report the wedding photo looks stunning!