gated community

When was the last time you went East?

Have you headed East lately?

So often the fodder of my television news headlines, New Orleans East or Eastern New Orleans, whichever you prefer, gets a very bad rap.

Often, that bad rap is deserved.  Many areas are crime-ridden, desolate and blighted post-Katrina.  The largest suburb in New Orleans was inundated with water and the area hasn't recovered with the same zeal as the rest of the city.

However, there are signs of life.

Advocates tout the brand new hospital and retail development, along with schools and libraries.  Take a cruise down Bullard and you'd be amazed.

Today, I did just that.

Tucked away behind the bustling gas stations and grocery stores are two gorgeous gated developments: Eastover and Fairway Estates.  Situation among a number of small lakes, Eastover is particularly striking.  The homes are enormous, custom and offer beautiful views of the water.

I'd live there in a heartbeat.