Halloween costume inspiration: New Orleans style!

Halloween is a HUGE holiday here in New Orleans and I have to say, we're some of the best when it comes to costumes.  From Mardi Gras to Halloween and all the events in between, the people of New Orleans know a thing or two about dressing up!

So, to offer up some inspiration, here are some of my favorite costume ideas from my family, friends and this crazy city we call home!

Talk About a Green Thumb! Check Out This Massive French Quarter Rose Bush

  Massive French Quarter Rose Bush

There are rose bushes and then there are rose bushes that have grown so big, so beautiful and so out of control, they can really only be described as a tree.  This is one such bush.  I was walking through the French Quarter with Joe and Beau when I stumbled upon this beauty.

Having a very brown thumb myself, I can only imagine the love and care that went into growing it.  Maybe one day I'll have a massive rose tree.  In the meantime, I'll just admire this one!