From work to weekend, I'm loving PinkBlush maternity

pinkblush maternity dress with brown leather jacket

Baby number two is on his way!  I'm six months along and already desperately seeking cute maternity clothes.

Last go-round I relied heavily on popular brands like Motherhood, Pea in the Pod and Target.  I grabbed a few key pieces at local boutiques too.  However, I really wasn't happy with my look.  I felt like everything I bought was boring and ugly.  The few things that weren't ugly cost an absolute fortune! 

Enter: PinkBlush.  I stumbled upon their maternity collection online and immediately thought these were clothes I'd wear even if I wasn't pregnant!  They have a non-maternity collection as well, so I'll certainly be hitting those up after this baby comes out.

I got three bright and cheery pieces, which include the multi-color floral fitted maternity dress ($52), the black floral sash tie maternity/nursing dress ($68) and the magenta solid fitted 3/4 sleeve maternity dress ($51).

They're all amazing!!  I wore the maxi dress to a dinner date the first night it arrived.  As I walked into the restaurant, I got multiple compliments.  It's such an easy fit and a striking piece, plus it's casual enough to wear day or night.

The floral fitted and solid 3/4 sleeve dresses were also winners and both looked great on television.  All of the pieces have enough stretch that there's room for the baby to grow.  I also appreciate that they list lengths on the website, since I'm so petite that's often a problem.  I don't need to alter any of them!  My only complaint would be some extra room in the belly on the 3/4 sleeve dress, but I'll have that thing filled out soon enough!

Cheery, on-trend pieces that look and fit great? Count me in.


PinkBlush on the weekend:

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DIY Hydrangea Wreath

DIY Silk Hydrangea Wreath  

I decided to do something a little different for my grandmother for Christmas.  She had commented on a photo of a beautiful hydrangea wreath on my blog and I thought it would be fun to make one for her.  While she was in town for the holidays, we picked out the flowers and ribbon at Hobby Lobby and then I got to work!  I couldn't be easier to put this wreath together.  You'll need 7-8 large silk hydrangeas, wired ribbon, a wreath base, hot glue, scissors, wire cutters and wire.

  1. Lay out your basic design on the wreath to determine placement.
  2. Cut the stems off of your flowers using scissors or wire cutters.  Make sure you save the leaves and don't cut so close to the bloom that it falls apart.
  3. Hot glue your leaves onto your wreath base in a sporadic, but balanced pattern
  4. Hot glue your hydrangea blooms over the leaves in whatever color pattern you'd like.  Make sure they've evenly spaced and you leave room for the bow.
  5. Create a bow with wire or purchase one that's pre-made.   Leave "tails" that are roughly 2 feet long
  6. Hot glue your bow to the empty space on your wreath.
  7. Wrap the ribbon around the hydrangea blooms and secure with dots of hot glue.
  8. Trim the ends of your ribbon.
  9. C'est fini!