Closet refresh with Le Tote

In my line of work, clothes are a constant battle!  Viewers seem to care more about my wardrobe and hairstyle than just about anything that comes out of my mouth.  So, when I stumbled upon a great clothing rental service, it felt like my prayers had been answered!

Based in San Francisco, Le Tote sends a box of fashion-forward clothing items and accessories.  You wear them as long as you'd like and send them back when you're done.  As soon as Le Tote receives word your items are in the mail, they'll start styling your next box!  If you don't like the items they choose, you can swap them out for anything else on the site.

The "classic box" includes three clothing items and two accessories for $59 per month, however they have plans starting as low as $39.  Moms-to-be... they have maternity plans as well!  You can receive and send back as many boxes as you'd like each month.  Additionally, if you love an item, you also have the option to buy it.

I've found some great pieces to mix up my everyday routine and decided to keep a few of them already.  I look forward to seeing what else Le Tote sends my way!