Reflections on DC

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Yeah, yeah, we’ve all heard the expression, “time flies.” Seriously, though. What happened to the past 8 months!?

It blows my mind to think of how much time has passed since my little family packed up our historic New Orleans home and moved to our Nation’s Capitol.

It’s been a wild ride, to say the least. In the past 8+ months, we purchased a home, started new jobs, new school, new daycare and began new home renovations (pictures to come)!

I’m thriving professionally. Fox 5 has been incredibly generous, offering me opportunities reporting on everything from Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court hearings to Paul Manafort’s criminal trial, the first stemming from Robert Mueller’s investigation. I’ve also anchored a variety of different newscasts here at the station, even hosting our political show “On The Hill” this past weekend.

Diving into an exciting new market that has such an impact on our nation has been incredibly fulfilling. It’s also been exhausting.

As I gain my footing professionally, I’m moving closer to finding a work-life balance. One of the biggest blessings has been our very social neighborhood. Not only am I surrounded by hard-working, fun-loving professionals, but the kids have plenty of buddies to run around with too!

I look forward to seeing what the New Year holds and promise to get back on this blog more often!

Anne Cutler and family in the snow

Closet refresh with Le Tote

In my line of work, clothes are a constant battle!  Viewers seem to care more about my wardrobe and hairstyle than just about anything that comes out of my mouth.  So, when I stumbled upon a great clothing rental service, it felt like my prayers had been answered!

Based in San Francisco, Le Tote sends a box of fashion-forward clothing items and accessories.  You wear them as long as you'd like and send them back when you're done.  As soon as Le Tote receives word your items are in the mail, they'll start styling your next box!  If you don't like the items they choose, you can swap them out for anything else on the site.

The "classic box" includes three clothing items and two accessories for $59 per month, however they have plans starting as low as $39.  Moms-to-be... they have maternity plans as well!  You can receive and send back as many boxes as you'd like each month.  Additionally, if you love an item, you also have the option to buy it.

I've found some great pieces to mix up my everyday routine and decided to keep a few of them already.  I look forward to seeing what else Le Tote sends my way!

Design inspiration from the Dalmatian Coast

Hvar, Croatia, Dalmatian Coast

It's been nearly a year since I first laid eyes on the crystal blue waters of Croatia's Dalmatian Coast.  Last August, Joe and I set out on a life-changing tour of Croatia, visiting Dubrovnik, Korcula, Hvar, Split and Plitvice Lakes in one whirlwind trip. 

Long worn-torn and under the thumb of a socialist government, the country formerly called Yugoslavia, is now opening its doors to tourists.  It boasts a rocky coast, walled cities and fortresses, glistening blue waters, more islands than you can count, and natural wonders if you choose to venture farther North.

The people are friendly, the food and wine are superb and the homes are beautifully simple.  Many residents still live in hundreds-of-years old walled cities.  And everything is built with breathtakingly beautiful limestone.

It's a way of life I can only dream of.  And maybe visit on very, very special vacations.

Beau roars along with vintage car-themed birthday

Little kids only turn two once and the theme for Beau's second birthday couldn't have been more obvious. CARS! This toddler is obsessed with anything that goes: cars, trucks, planes, boats, you name it.

It's been months since the bash, but it was such a fun theme, I still wanted to share!  For decor, I gathered a number of vintage decorations and toys from around the house.  The next time you have a party, I highly encourage you look around and see what useable stuff you already own. It'll be classier than anything from the party store and the best part... it's free!  

I blew up a couple photos of Beau in his favorite cars and hung them on the wall.  I also created cute signs with wooden placards from the craft store, stick-on letters, craft paper and photos.

We munched on chocolate checkered flag cake, stoplight brownies, and Cracker Jacks, along with some savory snacks for both kids and adults.

I also spray-painted small cardboard boxes, hot-glued on mason jar lids for wheels and let the kids decorate their own box cars will stickers and markers.  I think the adults had just as much fun as the little ones!

When was the last time you went East?

Have you headed East lately?

So often the fodder of my television news headlines, New Orleans East or Eastern New Orleans, whichever you prefer, gets a very bad rap.

Often, that bad rap is deserved.  Many areas are crime-ridden, desolate and blighted post-Katrina.  The largest suburb in New Orleans was inundated with water and the area hasn't recovered with the same zeal as the rest of the city.

However, there are signs of life.

Advocates tout the brand new hospital and retail development, along with schools and libraries.  Take a cruise down Bullard and you'd be amazed.

Today, I did just that.

Tucked away behind the bustling gas stations and grocery stores are two gorgeous gated developments: Eastover and Fairway Estates.  Situation among a number of small lakes, Eastover is particularly striking.  The homes are enormous, custom and offer beautiful views of the water.

I'd live there in a heartbeat.