East meets west for Deepak and Keith's wedding weekend in Florida


Frankly, it’s starting to get embarrassing telling people how long I’ve known my best friend Deepak, because every year we just seem to get older and older! Dee and I met at our very first television jobs in Casper, Wyoming. He’s been there for me through thick and thin… multiple moves, my husband’s deployment, home renovation, and not one, but two kids. Through it all, he’s been my support system and my confidant.


This weekend, we all got to celebrate Deepak, his Punjabi culture, and Keith, the equally incredible man he chose to marry. We spent three glorious days together with friends and family in Jacksonville, Florida. I was struck by how beautifully the grooms balanced their uniquely different backgrounds and how seamlessly everyone on both sides got along.


It was an action-packed weekend!! After a bachelor party on Friday and rehearsal brunch on Saturday, we dove into the traditional Indian festivities Saturday night. I learned some of fun traditions, such as covering Deepak and Keith in yellow paste and swatting away Deepak’s mom while she fed him rice! We all got henna and ended the night dancing around the block with sticks, passing around a big pot on our heads!


Despite all the pre-wedding fun, the wedding itself was the real highlight of the weekend. It was held at the private home of a family friend with a sprawling property dotted with live oaks, right on the St. Johns River. Joe and I were honored to both be included in the wedding party and I was lucky enough to toast Deepak during the reception.


We ate. We drank. We danced. We reminisced. We celebrated.

Every moment was pure magic.