Our Alexandria flip hits the market!

It’s crazy that our Crest Street flip is finally on the market and we’re STILL NOT FINISHED! Wahhhhhhhh! If no one has ever mentioned that house flipping is stressful, let me go ahead and tell ya… it is.

All of the major renovation work is done, but the devil is in the details and that’s what we’re finishing up now. Fixing that one sticky door, a piece of chipped paint on a cabinet, the wonky corner closet in the master that doesn’t open right, you get the idea. They’re all small things, but I want this house to be absolutely perfect!

Anne Cutler Crest St Flip Exterior

We had our first open house on Sunday and boy, was that stressful. My contractor was down to the wire trying to get everything done. To make matters worse, there were two huge piles of mulch and dirt out front that were supposed to be picked up. The guy never came, so we had to start shoveling it ourselves as people were arriving to see the property!!!

God must have been shining down on us, because miraculously, all of the neighbors saw me working, came out of their houses and started to help! The kids were playing out front, the grandmas were breaking out wheelbarrows. It was a sight! I’ve never seen anything like it and I have never, ever been so grateful.

Anne Cutler Crest St Flip neighbors

Sadly, it appears not all of the neighbors are quite so kind. One of them called the city on us, because our fence was 8” too high. I did not realize that since the home sits on a corner lot, the side yard is technically considered a front yard, so strict height restrictions apply.

City officials said they wouldn’t have cared, but because a resident complained, they have to enforce it. I completely understand, they’re just doing their job, but it was pretty heartbreaking to hear that we have to completely rip out and replace the fence at the last minute, because a neighbor doesn’t have the courage to just come talk to me.

Regardless, the finished product is pretty spectacular. I’ll post more pictures soon, along with before and after shots, but until then, here are a few snapshots of my favorite spaces!


Anne Cutler Crest St Flip kitchen
Anne Cutler Crest St Flip range hood
Anne Cutler Crest St Flip master bath
Anne Cutler Crest St Flip bathroom