Review: Ola Tropical Apothecary's After Sun Healing Remedy

Anyone who has kids knows maternity leave is a far cry from vacation.  You're trapped in the house, caring for a needy baby who does nothing but poop, eat, poop, cry, and did I mention poop... around the clock.  In due time, it all starts feeling pretty claustrophobic. So, I made a point to spend as much of my maternity leave outside as possible!  Brooks and I would get a little fresh air and I got to keep my sanity... as least momentarily.  We went on walks, sat on the front porch and if we could squeeze it in between feedings, jet over to the closest pool!  

I've gotten very good at protecting his delicate skin with beach umbrellas, towels, you name it, but my skin is another story.  More than once I've come home looking a little pink.  I used to reach immediately for the goopy green aloe vera gel from the drugstore, but it always makes me feel sticky and gross.

Recently, I've been using Ola Tropical Apothecary's After Sun Healing Remedy and what a difference it makes!  Instead of feeling sticky, the creamy texture leaves my skin feeling moisturized and smelling amazing.  The ingredients include organic aloe vera with ginger, gardenia, macadamia nut oil and coconut oil.  It smells like a trip to the tropics!  Not to mention, it'll do a number on even the worst sunburn.

All of the ingredients are locally harvested in Hawaii, certified organic and sustainably grown, so I feel good using it not only on myself, but the kids as well.  Yes, it'll cost a bit more than that green drugstore goop, but I think the quality is absolutely worth it. You can check out Ola Tropical Apothecary website for their After Sun Healing Remedy and other tropical plant based products like the After Sun Bath Ritual, Coconut Body Wash and Kai Sea Mud Mask.