Valmont: My favorite new addition to my beauty bag

Skin after using Valmont Prime Renewing Pack with no face makeup and no retouching

Love at first sight! It's not something I say often (or let's be real... ever) when I see myself without makeup. However, that's exactly what I thought after my first Valmont facial.  In fact, that evening, even my husband raved about how my wrinkles had disappeared and my skin was glowing.  For him to notice that is basically an act of God.

I started looking into the company and learned why it's better than what I have been using. Valmont's based in medical research and the latest cosmetic cellular findings.  The key ingredients are patented Triple DNA, liposomed RNA and DNA.  As a result, their products penetrate deeper and work with your body to renew and repair.

To keep up that amazing post-facial glow, I tried one of Valmont's flagship products, the Prime Renewing Pack.  They've sold more than a million jars, so it's tried and true.  What I liked most was the versatility.  It can be used as a mask or daily cream.  I found both methods incredibly effective.  While I used it as a cream at night, it was surprisingly light enough to even use under makeup.

Valmont Prime renewing pack

As either the mask or cream, I was impressed with how moisturized my face felt without being greasy.  Much like that facial sent from the heavens above, the Prime Renewing Pack also plumped up my skin, which reduced the appearance of fine lines.  The next morning, my heavy television makeup looked smoother and didn't sink into wrinkles.  

The photo above was taken after just a few days using it.  I have leftover eye makeup from work, but absolutely nothing on the rest of my 33 year old, sun-damaged skin and did absolutely zero retouching. My smile lines and forehead wrinkles are drastically reduced. My skin is also noticeably smoother.

The Prime Renewing Pack retails for $210 and is available through Valmont's online boutique. This month, Valmont also debuted a limited edition at Saks with glamorous gold and white packaging.  You get 125 ml priced at 100 ml and it retails for $420.

Valmont Limited Edition Prime Renewing Pack