All on a Mardi Gras day

southern sea creature mardi gras costumes anne cutler

Us New Orleanians have a saying: "Everywhere else, it's just Tuesday."  Down here, it's much more than that!  Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday, is a city-wide celebration.  Businesses are closed, streets are shut down and people are partying as far as the eye can see.

The stunningly beautiful Society of St. Anne marching parade has become my family's Mardi Gras tradition.  In lieu of big floats and beads, revelers dress in the most elaborate and creative costumes you'll ever see.  You can't buy these at your local party supply store.  They're hand-crafted works of art, months in the making.

Our theme this year was "Southern Sea Creatures."  I handmade Beau's octopus legs using fabric left over from a recent baby shower.  Like a good Southern boy, he already owned the seersucker suspenders, bow-tie and fedora.  All I needed to do was add eyeballs and the costume was complete!

Joe broke out his favorite top hat, paired with his seersucker suit and a whole lot of embellishment.  For my costume, I transformed a $2 party store crown with seashells and embellished a dress found on Amazon with fish net, pearls, rhinestones, more shells, plastic seaweed and moss.

The end of carnival ushers in a much quieter Lenten season, but until next year, "Laissez les bon temps rouler!"