Mother turns heartbreaking loss into personal mission to help others

They say not all superheroes wear capes.  That couldn't be more true for Georgia Boswell.

I had the honor to meet this local superwoman, who gives area children the opportunity for a brighter future, through music, as she carries on an important legacy of her own.

You see, Boswell's musical mission is the result of heartbreaking tragedy.

On March 12th, 2014, Boswell's son Drew, died.  He was a victim of 'sudden unexplained death in childhood' or SUDC.  Drew was just 15 months old.

"Your children make you braver, your children make you better, your children make you stronger.  Although I couldn't ever do anything normal parents do for Drew, I wanted to do something and that something was spreading his love to other kids," explains Boswell.

20171113 Drew0050.jpg

On the very day he died, Boswell made an unexpected decision.

"Even though he was here for such a short time, he was nothing but love and I don't need to turn to hate even though this terrible thing happened to me."

In her darkest moment, Boswell channeled her sorrow into a mission. The organization she dreamt up is now a non-profit called Drew's Tunes.

Since that fateful day, it has raised $162,000 to fund SUDC research and provide instruments for music programs at schools across New Orleans, like the 'Marching Beavers' at McMillian's First Steps.

20171113 IMG_1297.jpg

"More than any dollar amount or number of instruments, just to see kids smile, that may not have." She says, "Drew always wanted everybody to be happy and I know that he is very proud of us."

Drew Boswell would have turned 5 years old last month.  While he's gone from this earth, his short life is living on, through the beautiful gift of music.

If you'd like to contribute to his cause, click here to donate to Drew's Tunes.