Sanitize like there's no tomorrow. Thank me later.

Babyganics hand sanitizer

It's flu season, y'all!  Duh Duh DUHHHHHH!  Both of my kids have had their flu shots, but those germs are downright evil this time of year and the shot doesn't always cut it.

For my role as a Stroller Traffic scout, I was recently sent a boatload of Babyganics sanitizing products to test.  I'm a huge fan of the line already.  It's organic (win).  It's available at Target (win).  And a lot of their products have foaming pumps, which means you use much less and it lasts forever.  Our last bath soap lasted TWO YEARS!

It's funny, because I've never been big on hand sanitizer, but when I have it around, I use it.  I've stuck a bottle by the changing table and another upstairs for the boys.  I have a tub of wipes in the kitchen and the individually wrapped ones in my car, purse and diaper bag.  Basically, there's no excuse not to use it, which means I do use it.

I rub the stuff up to my elbows, and on the baby's hands and feel.  It smells great and doesn't have alcohol, so it won't dry out our skin.  The wipes are perfect for Beau's hands and face after a messy meal and who doesn't love individual wipes when you're in a pinch?

This line is great and I'm thrilled to be stocked up on this good stuff.  Flu season, you ain't got nuthin' on the Cutler house!

Babyganics hand sanitizer