Charming cottage, short walk from Fairgrounds and City Park

Frankly, I'm not sure what I love more: this darling Mid City cottage or the darling couple who own it!  Frank and Gerry have lived in their home for 30 years.  They've seen their babies grow into children and then successful adults.  Now, with an empty nest, the couple is looking to move closer to the next generation, their grandchildren!

Tucked in a quiet pocket behind the Fairgrounds, their development was originally built after World War II for folks who worked in horse racing.  Many of the families who bought homes in Park Heights held onto them for decades and decades.  However, like much of New Orleans, the neighborhood is changing.  

Older residents are moving out and young couples and families are moving in.  In fact, I sold another home, just a few doors down, to a charming pair of newlywed first-time buyers. A brand new charter school has popped up in the neighborhood and many of the homes are being renovated and refurbished.  It's the perfect opportunity to grab Mid City charm and an amazing location... at an affordable price!

3250 Castiglione is two bedrooms, two baths and listed for $275,000.