Sparkling on set with Sabika

Anne Cutler in SUBTLE Sabika Manhattan Choker

No joke, one of the hardest parts of my job as a news anchor is looking good, day in and day out.  I'm constantly searching for skincare products, makeup techniques, wardrobe additions... and jewelry!  Beautiful basics are key for TV.

My latest obsession?  Sabika Jewelry.

The pieces are stunning and the mission is something I support.  Sabika is family-run, starting in founder Karin Mayr's dining room fifteen years ago.  The goal is to bring beauty, joy and opportunity to women across the country.

Their collections rely heavily on sparkling Swarovski crystals with the exclusive Sabika Cut.  I find myself wearing the pieces as much on air... as I do for weekend jaunts through the French Quarter or black tie Mardi Gras balls. 

Check out some of my favorites below!