Kitchen Backsplash Complete!

Backsplash tile complete! One of the very last finishing touches on the kitchen renovation was installing a tile backsplash.  Of course, "finishing touches" always end up being "major projects" in this 130 year old house.

The walls were insanely uneven, so we first had to install concrete backer board to level things out.  We then started cutting and putting up the 1'x1' sheets of marble mosaic tile.  Note to self: NEVER, EVER buy a teeny tiny herringbone tile again!!  Every flipping cut is on an angle!!  And the tiles are so stupidly small, it's impossibe to make the cuts!!

However, after much cursing, moaning, groaning and maybe just one little argument (or two), we finally got the DANG TILE on the DANG WALL!  The rest was easy.  I grouted, removed the haze, caulked and sealed it all up.  Voila!  Tile backsplash complete.