Embrace the Bump: Halloween as a Pregnant Lady

Last week, I had a realization.  This may be the only opportunity in my life to flaunt my big ol' belly on a holiday as awesome as Halloween! Dressing up through my college days generally involved something cute, but oh no... not this year.  I went straight for scandal.  My first thought was to have a bloody baby protruding out of my belly, but decided against gore this go-round.  Instead, I chose to be a pregnant prom queen, while Joey dressed as the naughty (and might I add, handcuffed) teacher, who knocked me up.  It was one of those costumes that not everyone "got" right away, but when they did, we got more than a few chuckles.

Thankfully, my fabulous friend Elsa embraced the gore with an incredible bloody baby get-up and another dear friend, Auburn, channeled her inner Simpson and absolutely nailed Homer!  Although, I think my favorite costume of the night may have been pregnant Buddha... and her husband... Jesus.