Creepy Surprise Behind Antique Painting

I bought an amazing frame at my favorite antique shop/hoarder's paradise a few months ago.  I probably spent more than I should, but it's HUGE and incredible!  I'm sure if I bought it at a fancy-pants shop in the French Quarter, it would have cost at least three times what I paid.  Inside the frame was a disturbing portrait of a brunette girl in a blue dress and pearls.  From day one, I swore I'd put something less-haunting in her place.  In the meantime, we had fun putting mustaches and sticky-note thought bubbles on mystery girl's face. I printed out my favorite wedding photo in a metallic sepia tone from mpix (an online photography lab) and ordered a custom white linen mat from Gordon's to fit the odd shape of the frame.  Apparently I'm a romantic when it comes to antiques, because I'd convinced myself there was some sort of treasure map or Confederate dubloon hidden in the back of the painting.  I was ecstatic when the day finally came to open that baby up!  I carefully cut away the crumbling paper and pried out the old rusty nails.

Then... slowly... I removed the backing... and THERE SHE WAS!  On the back of my disturbing portrait was a hidden painting!  Even more disturbing than the first!  I think the eerie woman just saw a ghost.  Her beady blue eyes haunt me in my dreams.  Joe and I are convinced she's going to burn down the house while we're sleeping.

However, with creepy ladies #1 and #2 now well-hidden in the corner of our dining room, I'm happy to report the wedding photo looks stunning!