Modern Design for New Orleans Entrepreneur

It's not common for the trash guy to be a local celebrity, but such is the case in New Orleans.  St. Bernard-raised Sidney Torres IV is a real estate developer and venture capitalist, who rose to fame after founding SDT Waste & Debris Services following hurricane Katrina.  He was the face of the operation, starring in SDT commercials with buddies like Lenny Kravitz and Kid Rock.  I remember the first time I saw one of his ads... wondering for days how the hell a local businessman got Kid Rock on board!? Today, Torres has sold the trash biz and is working on a new venture: a Bahamas resort called Cove Eleuthera.  One of my co-workers had the tough assignment of flying down to the private island to do a story on it!  You can check out her piece here.

Torres is also getting comfortable in his renovated Marigny home, designed and furnished by famed New Orleans architect and interior designer Lee Ledbetter.  A fabulous article in Architectural Digest describes the relationship between the two.  Ledbetter had to balance between Torres' strict love for black and white and a palette that would still be comfortable t live in.  In the end, Ledbetter incorporated some gorgeous shades of brown, gray and metallics to warm up the joint.  The final result is a refreshing (and might I add, stunning) take on classic New Orleans design.