American Horror Story to Feature New Orleans Architecture

Film crews outside of the Buckner Mansion

Film crews outside of the Buckner Mansion Louisiana has coined the phrase "Hollywood South" to describe our ever-expanding film and television industry.  It couldn't be a more accurate description.  Our humid city is swarming with celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, looking to catch a break from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood proper and enjoy the eccentric, Southern charm New Orleans has to offer.  Sandra Bullock, John Goodman and Jennifer Coolidge all live within blocks of us, not in private, gated communities, but in the heart of the city's historic Garden District.

Not surprisingly, film crews and movie trucks are a fact of life in the Crescent City.  However, we've never seen them quite so close to home as we did a few weekends ago!  Just doors from our modest fixer-upper is the not so modest Buckner Mansion.  Google tells me the white antebellum home is the largest of its kind in the Garden District.  We drool a little bit every time we walk or drive by and apparently, the folks from FX had the same reaction.  Over the course of 2 days, the network filmed a series of promos there for season 3 of its hit show, American Horror Story.  We watched prop masters walk by with horned headpieces, Jessica Lange be whisked away by her driver and dozens of witches (dressed to the nines, I might add) lining up outside, hanging from cranes and altogether up to no good!

"American Horror Story: Coven" features a clash between Salem witches and voodoo practitioners.  It's already garnered gobs of hype online.  Perhaps the most exciting part, however, is that the season is not just filmed in New Orleans, but actually set here.  It'll feature the beautiful architecture and haunted history that make our city such a unique place to call home.  If the teasers are any indication of what's to come, when I'm not ogling the amazing architecture... I may also be letting out a few screams!

Check out promo #1!


Promo #2 is equally terrifying!