Demolition Day!

You know how those home improvement shows always make demolition look so much fun?  Well, that's because it is!  This weekend, Joey and I tore out our old faucet, plumbing, garbage disposal, sink and counters.  Aside from the minor water explosion when we accidentally turned on the no-longer-hooked-up dishwasher, the rest of the process was fairly uneventful.  I can offer two suggestions if you're ever planning on doing kitchen demolition yourself.  First, have buckets and rags handy.  You'll need them!  Second, it doesn't hurt to watch a couple Youtube videos like this (worth it just for the play by play) before uninstalling your plumbing.  That's about it! We've got some work to do before the granite arrives, so without counters I foresee a significant amount of outdoor barbecuing and a large quantity of paper plates in our future.