Antique Mirrored Backsplash

Dominic Schuster Ltd The kitchen renovation is moving forward!

I've installed decorative molding on all of the cabinets, the chalk paint process is coming along swimmingly, I've picked out gorgeous brass hardware and an even more gorgeous brass faucet, the antique chandeliers are glistening and our new countertops are being installed next week!  Picking the backsplash, however, has been a serious bone of contention.  I discovered that my first choice, an incredible three-dimensional Ann Sacks tile, was way (I mean, wayyyyyyyyyyy) out of my price range.  In the words of my granite fabricator, I have really, really expensive taste (no surprise there).  My next thought was a beautiful Moroccan inspired design, but I became concerned it was too trendy and again, too expensive.  Alas, Joey and I were warming up to the idea of a simple subway tile.  It's classic, clean and cheap!  Unfortunately, it's also a little boring.

Yesterday evening, we were walking down Magazine Street with the evil beagles, when I stumbled upon a gorgeous antique mirror in a shop window.  Somehow... someway... it sparked a brilliant idea!  Why can't we do a mirrored backsplash!?  If we antique the mirror ourselves, it could be fairly cost efficient and there are plenty of products on the market.  I love the idea of a harlequin pattern with rosettes at each corner.  We could even add a design with etching or relief.  The mirror would be easy to clean and would reflect light, brightening up our rather dark space.  I found some examples online that look absolutely gorgeous, so the idea isn't completely untested.

Obviously, we'll have to do some experimentation, but I think Joey and I may just have a backsplash winner!  I'll let you know how it turns out.