That's Just Pindiculous

Pinterest Fail Pizza Cones

Don't serve these "Pizza Cones" to anyone with a sense of humor If you're half as interested in interior design as I am, inevitably you've stumbled upon Pinterest at this point.  The concept is brilliantly simple: create a virtual pinboard where you can gather all your ideas and inspiration.  From high fashion to gourmet cooking, there are limitless images and countless categories:  A kitchen iPad holder for recipes!  Glass floor over a creek!  Build an exploding chain reaction from craft sticks!

Inventive?  Yes.  Creative?  Yes.  Ridiculous?  YES.

There's some absolutely insane stuff on that website and thanks to the ever-wonderful-internet, there's now another website that celebrates all the ridiculousness Pinterest offers.  It's called Pinterest Fail and if your "exploding chain reaction from craft sticks" left you feeling a bit inferior, it'll make you realize you're probably not the only one.  Need a little pick me up?  Check it out.  (On a side note, check me out!  You can follow my not-so-ridiculous Pinterest boards here.)