Easy Tool Organization

Peg Board Joey's home!  Yay!

Since Joey got back from Afghanistan, I haven't asked him to do much around the house.  After 7 months in a war zone, I think he deserves to relax a little.  A little.

So, it came much to my surprise when Joey told me he wanted to start a new project and build a peg board for our out-of-control tool storage.  He bought white peg board, some 1/2"  x 1" framing, a package of assorted hooks and scrounged up some leftover decorative molding from our kitchen cabinets.  Using a nail gun and compound miter saw, he build the frame to the size of the peg board and nailed it onto the back.  He then added the decorative molding to the front and hung the entire piece with a French cleat.

The project was easy- it only took about an hour and a half from start to finish- and now, we can finally find what we're looking for!