A Trip to Chinatown

A simple display livens up a boring corner For some reason weddings seem to make us think we need fancy china.  I don't know why that is.  I absolutely adore mine and probably use it more than most, but in reality, that's still only a handful of times each year.  So, I decided to throw it up on the walls instead.

To create wall art with your china, all you need are plate hangers you can buy for a few bucks at Bed, Bath and Beyond or other home stores.  I chose to keep my display simple, but you can really get creative with an all white palette, a collection of vintage plates or a graphic pattern.  I recommend laying out your design on the floor or table and then transferring it to the wall.  You can even trace it onto a large piece of butcher paper, tape the paper onto the wall, and then nail right through the paper.  That way you'll get the exact layout you're looking for (obviously, you'll take down the paper once all your nails are in place).

Happy hanging!