That's Bullshit Work

I don't even know what this was This weekend, I intended to take on a big part of the kitchen renovation, swapping out our old, outdated cabinet hinges with new, European style hidden hinges.  I know getting rid of the dirty black hinges will go a loooong way toward updating the look in our kitchen.  Unfortunately, I can't move forward on trim or painting until the hinges are changed and I discovered they have to be special ordered and will take at least a week to come in.

Alas, I decided to scratch off a few of the not-so-fun items that were cluttering up my kitchen renovation to-do list.  A friend once told me about his harrowing experience changing out hardware, angrily calling the entire ordeal "bullshit work."  I'd have to say this definitely falls under the same category.  So... off I go... patching holes in the walls, prying off base boards, measuring for molding and removing God knows how many old phone jacks, cable lines and broken down security systems.  Then it's time to paint.  Fun!