Stealing from the Neighbors

Neighbor's Flowers 02 Just around the corner from my house is an incredible postbellum Victorian mansion.  It was built by famed New Orleans architect James Freret circa 1869.  Sadly, due to a drawn out divorce proceeding and crappy owner, the architectural masterpiece has fallen into disrepair.  It's been dubbed the "leaning tower of Josephine" and may soon lean right into my back yard!  You can read the painfully sad story about it here.

It's hard to believe that in just over a year since that article was written, it's become even more blighted and dilapidated.  The roof is covered in weathered tarps, the windows are boarded up and an intricately woven web of 2x4's supports the front porch.  The only sign of life on the property is a massive rose bush overtaking the front yard.  Every time I walk by it, I'm struck by the lively pink blooms, in contrast with the dying mansion they once adorned.

So today, I said SCREW MY NEIGHBORS and decided to steal some of those beautiful blooms.  They look better in my house anyway...