Back to Work: Brighter Kitchen

All four new fixtures installed! The fun is winding down.  After a best friend's bachelorette party in Las Vegas, a week of Super Bowl festivities and Mardi Gras coming to a close, it's time to get cooking on the kitchen renovation.

Today, I decided to tackle a fairly simple project: replacing the undermount lighting on our kitchen cabinets.  Lucky for me, they were all wired up, but the old florescent fixtures were rusted and downright gross.  I purchased four new fixtures from Home Depot by a company called Juno.  They're slim, LED, dimmable and 18" long, so they really disperse the light.  They were NOT cheap.  Combined, the four fixtures set me back $285.

Installation was fairly simple once I figured them out.  Per usual, the instructions were worthless.  All in all, the entire project took about 3 hours and I'm thrilled with the end result!  The light is bright white and makes a huge difference in our rather dark space.  Now, it's onto the next project...