A Match Made in Heaven

Rebecca Rebouche, Stand Tall What happens when my favorite New Orleans artist teams up with my favorite clothing store?  Perfection, that's what.

It's hard not to adore the whimsical Rebecca Rebouché.  Hailing from the small bayou town of Franklin, LA, the painter magically weaves the flora and fauna of the South with the imagination of a free-spirited dreamer.  In 2010, Rebouché successfully partnered with Anthropologie and now creates two original collections each year, while also selling her works through Etsy and her "Beauty Shop" showroom in New Orleans.  Made famous by her beloved family tree paintings, Rebouché's large collection of work delves into a wide range of emotions- some carefree and happy, others painfully lonely and sad.

However, Rebouché may be most comfortable...and inspired...painting with her big black bunny rabbit in her tree house in the woods.

Check out this incredible profile Anthropologie put together of Rebouché:

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/44397178]

And take a look at some of her beautiful work: