Weekend Planting Project

Since Joe and I moved into our first homestead, we've done A LOT of work in the backyard.  Unfortunately, it still looks like crap.

The "yard" was filled with some hideous plants that needed to come out before we could put anything back in.  Joe spent a few labor-intensive weekends removing the bars from our windows, pulling out three huge (and might I add, thorny) holly bushes that were blocking the light through our windows and one massive crepe myrtle that was shedding into our yard and the neighbor's.  When the summer blooms started to fall, it looked like a pink, floral apocalypse.

With all the removal complete, it's now time to start brining plants back in.  The planter directly next to our house was top priority because the wood lattice that used to be covered by holly bushes now sticks out like a sore thumb.  For the planter, I chose boxwoods, ornamental grass, mondo grass and camellias.  The boxwoods will grow together, forming a 3-4 foot shrub that will disguise the lattice, while the grasses will fill in the front.  Each end is capped with a gorgeous white camellia bush that will help disguise the air conditioning unit and staircase.

Now I just need to break out the power washer and take care of the ugly green mildew on our siding...