Hammers for the Greater Good

It’s been nearly 7 years since the catastrophic hurricane and city-wide failure of a levee system that nearly destroyed New Orleans.  I say “nearly” because 7 years after Hurricane Katrina, while the city is still rebuilding, the spirit of New Orleans is as strong as ever.  No hurricane could ever take away Mardi Gras, second lines, crawfish boils or Saints football.

What most outsiders don’t realize about the struggle to rebuild after the storm is that residents were not just handed checks.  Flood insurance agents were pitted against homeowners’ agents, because one blamed the other and neither party wanted to pay.  Meantime, families weren’t allowed back into their homes, forcing them to take jobs and find housing outside of the city.  It left many with two mortgages and little insurance money to rebuild.

Some were able to do it.

Others needed help.

That’s where the St. Bernard Project comes in.  With the assistance of tens of thousands of volunteers, the organization has rebuilt nearly 500 homes post-Katrina.  Each one, reuniting a family with the home they so dearly loved and the city that come hell or high water, they could never imagine leaving.

On its most recent rebuild, the St. Bernard Project teamed up with an organization called Event Professionals Take Action to not only repair the home of New Orleans resident Shelly Rose, but completely decorate the inside as well.

Heartwarming doesn’t begin to describe the end result…