Happy birthday to me.

Yelp...another year older.  It's the last hurrah for my twenties. As I sipped mimosas poolside and reminisced on the past decade, I couldn't help but think of all the great moments shared with family and friends.  Because I'm somewhat attached at the hip to my point-and-shoot, it just so happens there's plenty of documentation.  Over the past decade however, my camera and I have become a bit of a running joke.  In college, the batteries would always die...in the years following, my camera would take ages to shoot...and most recently, my cameras have fallen victim to an intrigued 4 year old and the wrath of Katy Perry.

So it only seemed fitting to end the decade strong with a camera that...well...actally works.  Much to my surprise, Joey bought me one that not only functions properly, but also happens to be the most amazing thing I've ever owned.  It's the Sony NEX-F3 SLR and it's awesome.

So without further ado, here are the first few snapshots in what I hope will be a new era of picture-taking.