In-laws are great. At least mine are.


Busy doesn't begin to describe the past few weeks.  Wedged between back-to-back bachelorette parties in Austin, TX and Las Vegas, NV, my in-laws came to NOLA for a week to help out with our new home.  As excited as I was about their visit, I was also a little apprehensive for two reasons.  First, I was outright bummed I didn't get to spend more time with them since I'd be gone both weekends.  Second, I was just a little worried about coming home to a construction zone (while working full-time and recovering from all that fun).

Unfortunately, I didn't get to see as much of Karen and Bob as I would have liked, but we did get to share some quiet evenings and delicious food and cocktails (if you've never tried the cucumber vodka concoction at Susan Spicer's Bayona, do it.  That's an order).  As for the construction zone, I couldn't have been more thankful or impressed.

For an entire week, my in-laws rolled up their sleeves and with the help of my husband, executed a laundry list of projects.  Bob and Joey climbed on ladders and hung crown molding, while Karen wielded the mighty paintbrush, painting the walls, fireplace and even the cornice box I never got around to finishing.  They hung the TV over the fireplace and made progress on the seemingly never-ending cabinet project I've been working on.

When it comes to in-laws, I'm a lucky, lucky lady.