Trip to "The Bank"

Since New Orleans has so many historic homes, we're blessed with an inordinate number of incredible salvage yards.  One right around the corner from our house is called "The Bank" and no pun intended, we cashed in!  The place is chock full of renovation ideas and unmatched craftmanship. To make the trip even more exciting, I asked the owner how much he wanted for a plaster architectural element and he handed it over for free.  Note to self...I love this place.

Combine fireplace mantels to creat a kitchen island
Hello, little ones
We're planning to buy a few of these to use as curtain tie-backs
Our FREE architectural art!  My type of price...
NOLA's famous ironwork
Interesting stained glass
Genius!  Use corbels as a tabletop.
Salvaged hardware
Clawfeet from old tubs.  They'd make great door-stops