Sanitize like there's no tomorrow. Thank me later.

Babyganics hand sanitizer

It's flu season, y'all!  Duh Duh DUHHHHHH!  Both of my kids have had their flu shots, but those germs are downright evil this time of year and the shot doesn't always cut it.

For my role as a Stroller Traffic scout, I was recently sent a boatload of Babyganics sanitizing products to test.  I'm a huge fan of the line already.  It's organic (win).  It's available at Target (win).  And a lot of their products have foaming pumps, which means you use much less and it lasts forever.  Our last bath soap lasted TWO YEARS!

It's funny, because I've never been big on hand sanitizer, but when I have it around, I use it.  I've stuck a bottle by the changing table and another upstairs for the boys.  I have a tub of wipes in the kitchen and the individually wrapped ones in my car, purse and diaper bag.  Basically, there's no excuse not to use it, which means I do use it.

I rub the stuff up to my elbows, and on the baby's hands and feel.  It smells great and doesn't have alcohol, so it won't dry out our skin.  The wipes are perfect for Beau's hands and face after a messy meal and who doesn't love individual wipes when you're in a pinch?

This line is great and I'm thrilled to be stocked up on this good stuff.  Flu season, you ain't got nuthin' on the Cutler house!

Babyganics hand sanitizer

So Much to Celebrate as Holiday Season Gets Underway

Brook's Baptism

Whew, it's been a whirlwind few weeks in the Cutler house!  Our last guest (Grandma Cece!) departed yesterday, after hosting a slew of family members for Brooks' baptism and Thanksgiving.

We baptized our sweet boy the weekend before last in quaint St. Mary's Chapel on Jackson Avenue.  One of the most special moments was when Father Richard asked how many people had been here for Beau's baptism and almost everyone raised their hand.  It made me realize what an incredible support system our family has here in New Orleans.

After the baptism, we returned home for mimosas, a table full of food, sweet treats and Joe's famous seafood gumbo.  The entire celebration was a heartfelt and joyous occasion!

As if we hadn't stuffed ourselves enough Saturday, we hosted an early Thanksgiving dinner Sunday.  At one point, there were 6 women cooking together in the kitchen.  Each one brought our own special dish to the meal.  It was comfortable, casual and overflowing with delicious food and wine!

Just when we thought we couldn't eat another bite, we planned another celebration for Thanksgiving day, with my immediate family and co-anchor Jacki Jing.

There are so many times in life I get stressed, overwhelmed and focused on all the wrong things. Sometimes all it takes is family and food to remind me of what's really important.

Brook's Baptism
Joe and Brooks
Mimi steals a kiss

Review: Kismet Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick

anne cutler kismet liquid lipstick

If you're wracking your brain as to where you've heard the name Kismet Cosmetics, it may be on TV!  The Louisiana company isn't a huge national brand (yet!), but did gain national attention on CNBC's Billion Dollar Buyer.

The product that caught the eye of host and billionaire hospitality mogul Tilman Fertitta was Kismet's liquid lipstick.  He even puckered up on TV to try it out himself!

I've been wearing a lot of their products lately and their entire line is fantastic, but the liquid lipstick really is a standout. 

My favorite shade is "Elope."  It's a beautiful pinkish brown hue, which is so trendy right now, but it's neutral enough that I can wear it just about anywhere.  I've been living in it for fall!

The color is rich and long-lasting, even though the formula feels more like a gloss that you'd expect to wear off quickly.  I also like that it's nourishing and doesn't dry out my lips.

You can by Kismet's liquid lipstick in select boutiques and online.  It retails for $22.

anne cutler kismet liquid lipstick

The 'Flying T' race team takes on Halloween

Vintage race car driver costume.JPG

Halloween just might be the best holiday in New Orleans.  Mardi Gras is fantastic, of course.  Christmas is downright magical.  Halloween, though, has it all.

The weather is mild, there are family events, adult parties and enough haunted history to fill a library.  Not to mention, with our above-ground tombs, Spanish moss hanging from the oaks, and centuries old homes and buildings, this city just looks spooky!

Vintage race car driver costume.JPG

Folks in New Orleans know a thing or two about dressing up as well, so the costumes are fantastic!  Beau wanted to be a race car driver this year.  Coincidentally, that's the exact same thing he wanted to be last year.  So, I decided to switch things up with a vintage take.

I pulled inspiration from my father's real-life 'Flying T' lakester that he drives in land-speed races at the Bonneville Salt Flats.  For Beau's first Christmas, Grandpa Coco (Cole Cutler) tricked out a Restoration Hardware rider with decals mimicking the actual 'Flying T."

Cole Cutler's Flying T race team

Using that for Beau's car, I then found some amazing photos of vintage racing teams online.  I purchased coveralls and bowties for the boys, a leather helmet and googles from Amazon for Beau and plastic tools for Beau's "pit crew." I dressed as the trophy girl with a vintage silver trophy cup.

Beau felt like a real life speed racer... just like his Grandpa Coco!  

Vintage race car driver family costume.JPG
Vintage race car driver family costume.JPG




New Orleans Jazz-Inspired Nursery for Baby Brooks

New Orleans Jazz-Inspired Nursery

Sweet baby Brooks is nearly 6 months old already!  How did that happen!?

He's still sleeping in the pack-n-play in mom and dad's room, which has given me ample time to get his nursery in tip-top shape.

Like his brother's nursery, I didn't want a room that screamed "baby!" Instead, I wanted something that will grow and adapt as Brooks does.

New Orleans Jazz-Inspired Nursery

I was inspired by the beautiful sounds of New Orleans in designing the space.  The theme is subtle, but encapsulates the charm that makes the Crescent City so unique.

I started with grey-blue walls, mimicking the rushing waters of the Mighty Mississippi.  The floor-length curtains are made of burlap, offering a casual, rustic feel.  The room is anchored with neutral grey Restoration Hardware rug.

The crib, changing table and leather chair are re-purposed from Beau's old nursery, while the end table and bookcase were leftovers from our guest room.  The only new "furniture" elements are a woven hamper and toy chest from Restoration Hardware.

New Orleans Jazz-Inspired Nursery

The decor is what really brings the nursery to life.  I clad a vintage mirror with burlap music note pennants, handmade by my amazing friend, Chriss.  On the opposite wall are two prints of antique New Orleans maps, framed in grey driftwood.

You'll find stuffed animals scattered about, with navy ticking stripe and Belgian linen bedding.  Shining over the space is a stunning Restoration Hardware chandelier that offers a warm glow and casual, rustic appeal.

Although he may not be the next Louis Armstrong, I hope the nursery will foster in Brooks the same love and appreciation for New Orleans jazz that I have!