New city, new job, new home, new dress

 Anne Cutler in Maggy London's "June Midi"

Anne Cutler in Maggy London's "June Midi"

I honestly don't know where to start when it comes to everything that's happened over the past month, but I'll see what I can do... 

First off, after just a week and a half on the market, we sold our historic home!  We were lucky enough to have a cash offer, which allowed us to move forward on our house hunt in the DC area.

After learning Joe would be stationed here, I met with area news directors back in January.  Incredibly, one of them called me out of the blue in April and offered me a job!  The only catch was that he needed me to start as soon as possible.

I accepted the gig at Fox 5 DC, gave WGNO my two weeks' notice and started packing!!  In the meantime, we found a house in Alexandria and put in an offer sight-unseen.

With a car full of luggage, I waved farewell to my entire family and moved to DC alone.  I'm staying with my second cousin's wife's parents, who have welcomed me with open arms.  Joe and the boys will arrive in June, when we hopefully will have closed on our new house.

Somehow, in the span of one month, I've managed to sell a house, buy a house, quit a job, take a job and move across the country!  I'm not sure "whirlwind" fully sums up the insanity!

It's been a week since I started at Fox 5, now, and I'm starting to settle in.  The station is an absolute dream with everything you'd expect in a top market.  I'm surrounded by seasoned journalists and photographers, the stories are on a national scale and we even have a chopper!

Saying goodbye to New Orleans was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do, but this new adventure offers opportunity, challenges and a lot of excitement ahead.  I can't wait to leave my mark on this incredible city.

And I'm getting to do so in fabulous style, partnering with Maggy London to show off their petite collection online and on air. 

It's a new chapter... a new adventure... and I'm ready to take it on!

Anne Cutler in Maggy London's "June Midi"
Anne Cutler in Maggy London's "June Midi"

Our 140 year old camelback hits the market

2039 Coliseum St New Orleans.jpg

Wow.  What a whirlwind week!

On Tuesday, we listed our historic Lower Garden District home.  On Wednesday, I held a broker's tour and on Sunday we had an open house, with multiple showings in between.

The turnout was beyond what I expected and the response has been heartwarming, to say the least.  It gives me such great happiness to see people appreciate all of the hard work we put into our renovation.

The highlight, by far, was being featured in a glowing article on the real estate website Curbed!  I just about fainted when they reached out to me! 

If you're in the market, our home is being offered for $825,000.  It has 3 beds/2 baths on the main side, with an attached 1 bed/1 bath guest suite.  The small apartment earned $27,000 last year as a short term rental!

For inquiries, email

Coming soon! Our historic home hits the market next week

It's the beginning of the end.  After 7 life-changing years in New Orleans, we're ready to sell our historic Lower Garden District home.  We've lived there for 6 of our 7 years in the Crescent City, renovating the place top to bottom. 

Long gone are the black ceiling fans, rusted kitchen sink, holes in the front porch and master toilet that felt like it was going to fall through the floor!  We've put our blood, sweat and tears into making this house the home of our dreams and we can only hope the next owner will love it as much as we do.

I'll be posting some before and after photos in the coming weeks, but until then, enjoy this short video of the finished product.  It'll hit the market next week, so if you know anyone who's looking for a family home with an income-generating guest suite (that just so happens to be in the best neighborhood in town), please send 'em my way!

French Quarter condo gets contemporary upgrade


One of the reasons I got my real estate license in New Orleans is my love of old, historic homes.  There's no place better than the French Quarter to soak up our city's historical architecture, but many of the small condos there could use a serious facelift.

I met my clients Tom and Myrna a few years ago on a visit to the city.  They were interested in purchasing a vacation home, but weren't quite ready to take the plunge.  Fast forward two years later and they called me up, ready to make a purchase.

We found a number of good options, but there was one, clear winner for all of us: an open-concept studio in a small building on Chartres Street that needed A LOT of work.  Usually I find these places and have to convince my clients of the potential, but Tom and Myrna saw it immediately.

We got a great deal and after closing, they hired a contractor who immediately went to work.  Tom and Myrna invited me back over Mardi Gras and I was blown away by the result.  Under the carpet were beautiful, old floors.  They refinished the old wood, which perfectly balances the modern quartz counter-tops in the kitchen and bath. 

The living area sparkles with a gorgeous pair of chandeliers and the furnishings have traditional New Orleans appeal, with a contemporary feel.  They kept the colors neutral and seamlessly blended gold and silver accents throughout.  I was able to snap a few quick cell phone pics and you'll see, the transformation is incredible.

Kudos to my clients for bringing this historic old condo into the 21st century.  I hope they'll make many wonderful memories in the years ahead!

"Before" pictures:

After pictures:

Costume inspiration: Bank-robbing bandits and their lady loot

Anne Culer Mardi Gras in New Orleans

It's been a whirlwind, but Mardi Gras 2018 is in the books.  It's always a special time of year in New Orleans, but was especially poignant this year, being our last Mardi Gras as locals.

Mardi Gras day came early this year, which meant less time for crafting.  So, we wanted to come up with an easy theme.  My "neighbor/costume spirit animal" Whitney had the idea to do bank robbers, which I loved.

The guys wore simple black and white striped shirts with beanies, black pants and zorro-style eye masks.  Some of them carried money bags we bought on Amazon and others held up signs I made with canvases, Sharpies and wooden craft sticks.

To add a little twist, we decided the gals would be the loot!  We put a bit more effort into our get-ups, but the costumes were really just a bunch of green and gold, cobbled together with fake money from a party supply store.

The theme was perfect for a large group and we got compliments everywhere we went.  At one point, a walking parade came barreling down Royal Street behind me, trumpets blaring.  Joe captured the most perfect photo of the madness.

It's a day and a memory that I'll treasure forever!

We weren't the only ones with elaborate get-ups.  Here's a look at some of the other fabulous costumes we found!